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How to win the house (1/2 pv)

Digital marketing is like a Casino. Most of the players don’t win, but still everyone is having fun and most of them will come back for more. Still there are those professional players who know exactly how the system works and how to win the game. In this workshop you will learn how to play the game of digital marketing and how to win it systematically – over and over again.

In the 3 hour session we will have 2 hours of short presentations and workshops in small groups led by Mikko Kotila. The last hour we will have a discussion session which is optional to participate. We will talk about the ideas which came up during workshops and we will try to resolve some issues you may have at the moment

Maximum group size 20 person.

Mikko Kotila


Marketing Finland, Yrjönkatu 16, Helsinki

04.12.2019 klo 12.30-15.30

260 euroa
/hlö + alv 24 %.

Ilmoittautumisen peruutusehdot:
It is possible to cancel five days before the event without any charge. Later cancelations will be charged 50 EUR.


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