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Hyväksymistestaus (Acceptance testing) (2 pv)

This course provides the delegate with necessary knowledge on User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

User acceptance testing (UAT) is often the final phase of testing before product is released and transferred into production. Acceptance testing requires specific skills from testers and not anymore only technical skills are not enough. Basic fact is that the earlier you find the bugs the cheaper it will be to fix those. Acceptance testing is all about measuring confidence to assess whether the system is fit for purpose or is the product ”good enough” for production. This training will give you knowledge how to take a risk-based approach to determine whether to “go-live” or not.


By the end of acceptance testing training participants will be able to:

– Understand the different types of testing
– Understand the software development lifecycle and the testing lifecycle
– Understand how the acceptance testing fits into the fundamental testing lifecycle
– Understand functional, technical, requirements-based, exploratory and end-to-end testing
– Understand the challenges of acceptance testing
– Define the test scope
– Determine the priorities for testing activities
– Apply good software testing practices
– Create / define good test cases for user acceptance testing
– Execute a process for decomposing requirements, for example use cases, to testable conditions
– Understand different test design techniques
– Design a process for tracing test cases to business requirements
– Balance test execution progress with thoroughness
– Write good incident reports
– Have an understanding of user acceptance testing in Agile
– How to structure an exploratory testing approach in acceptance testing

Acceptance testing training is intended for persons who are involving for the acceptance testing of a application or system. Training will give basic knowledge of the acceptance testing and it’s process. Suitable participants may include:

– Business users
– Business analysts or designers
– Testers and test managers
– Product managers
– Other QA persons

Training material
The training material is in English, the actual training is run in Finnish.


1. Day

9.00 Introductions

– Basics of testing
– Why testing is necessary
– What is testing
– Common testing principles
– The psychology of testing
– People / team skills
– Basic process of acceptance testing
– Typical roles in acceptance testing

Acceptance testing

– Types of acceptance testing
– Role of acceptance testing
– Acceptance testing in a real test project
– How to succeed in acceptance testing
– How to use exploratory testing in acceptance testing?

Risks and acceptance testing

– How to handle risks in acceptance testing
– Acceptance testing based on risks

16.30 Day ends


2. Day

9.00 Acceptance testing test cases

– Planning of acceptance testing test cases
– How to create good acceptance test cases

Test management

– Test environment in acceptance testing
– Incident management process in acceptance testing
– Acceptance testing test plan
– Acceptance testing strategy
– How to create acceptance testing test plan

Test reporting

– Acceptance test report
– Progress monitoring and control
– How to improve current acceptance testing process?

16.30 End of training


Tieturi Oy, Mannerheimintie 15, Helsinki


1 550 euroa
/hlö + alv 24 %.

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