International Quality Congress, Creating Fresh Ideas – Quality enables growth and competitiveness
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International Quality Congress, Creating Fresh Ideas – Quality enables growth and competitiveness


01.-02.06.2016, Finlandia-talo, Helsinki Mannerheimintie 13e, Helsinki 25 huhtikuun, 2016 Sampo Korppoo

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This international congress will examine quality from the leadership perspective, quality management and competitiveness research and development both locally and internationally. Key participants are top management, strategic management, quality and development directors, business excellence leaders, controllers and executives and experts of continuous improvement from all over the world with weight in European participants.
Keynote speakers include:

Edward Snowden
Dr. Noriaki Kano
– Ex-president Tarja Halonen
Niklas Modig
Robert Tercek
Jukka Jalonen

The main theme of the congress is Quality Enables Growth and Competitiveness. Growth means getting bigger or expanding market share of organizational influence; however more is needed to achieve competitiveness. Competitiveness implies development or getting better at the key purpose for an organization – improvement that is differentiated or delivery of truly attractive quality.

Congress have participants from all over the world, from 30 different countries. Further information www.quality2016.eu.


8:30 am Registration and Coffee

9:00 am Opening of the Congress Day by Antti Merilehto, Moderator

Plenary session 9:15 – 12:15

Opening Speech

Tarja Halonen, Ex-President of the Republic of Finland
Jorma Eloranta, Chairman and Board Member
George Georgiades, President, EOQ

Interview with Kenneth Greve, Director at the Finnish National Ballet

How to create a successful team that knows how to win
Jukka Jalonen, Finnish professional ice hockey coach.

Integrated Procedure for Quality Improvement
Dr. Noriaki Kano, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science

Parallel session 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Quality Tools and Business Improvement
Glenn H. Mazur
, ISO 16355: A quality approach to new product development

Willy Vandenbrande, The Future of Quality: No More Quality Management

Gerhard Schiefer & Simone Fritzen,The Relevance of Trust and Control in Quality Management Scenarios

Robert Schmitt, A new framework for the development of Smart Products
Abdullah Alhaqbani, Required enablers for successful CI initiatives across management levels

Innovations and Start Up Businesses
Val Kratzman
, Moderator
Peter Merrill, From Innovator to Entrepreneur

Sino-Euro Quality Forum
Duan Yihong
, Deputy Secretary General: Performance Excellence in China

Case Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus

Shen Dong, The Eight-step Strategic Performance Management Method based on the Balanced Scorecard

Ren Liming: Quality Problem Close-loop – Practices of China Space Industry in Quality Problem-solving

Case Konecranes
Professor He Zhen, Lean Six Sigma Maturity Assessment Model:A China Perspective
Ren Xianquan, Haier Quality Innovative Practices in Internet Era

European Quality Leaders
Patrick Mongillon & Jade Plantin, Quality against CSR : who wins?

(Program will be updated soon)

3:30 pm Coffee Break

Plenary session 4:00 – 5:30 pm

The Efficiency Paradox
Niklas Modig, Lean Expert, Author of This is Lean

5:30 pm Closing the Congress Day


8:30 am Registration and Coffee

Plenary session 9:15 – 12:15

9:15 am Opening the Congress day, André Noël Chaker, Moderator

Greetings from International Academy for Quality
Janak Mehta
, Chairman, IAQ

EFQM Greeting
Leon Tossaint

ISO Greeting

Made in China and China Quality
Prof. Tang Xiaoqing
, Professor of Industrial Engineering at Beihang University, Beijing

Global State of Quality, Part II, 2015

ASQ Quality Report
Patricia La Londe
, Chair

Designed Improvement: NEXTGEN Quality Thinking
Gregory H. Watson
, Chairman, Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd.

Robert Tercek, Author of VAPORIZED: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World

Parallel session 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Future of Quality in Education & Healthcare

JoAnn Sternke, Future on Education

Shogo Kato, Development of a Management System for Rehabilitation Intervention Processes in Hospitals

Cleantech and Sustainability

Vladimir V. Okrepilov, State Centre “Test-St. Petersburg”: Economics of Quality for Sustainable Development

N. Ramanathan, Quality Management and the Silent Crises of the World

Dr. Yury Gusakov, Chairman, Asia Network for Quality (ANQ), Creating a silky way to sustainable development

Business Track

Case Fujitsu

Case Fazer

International Academy for Quality

Pedro Manuel Saraiva and Sampaio: “Glocal Quality”

Zigmund Bluvband: “Rethinking Risk and Failure Analysis”

Chao-ton Su, Feng-Min Su and Tzu-Yu Chen: “Process Optimization via Computational Intelligence: A Case Study”

Dr Lars Sörqvist and Marita Bergendahl, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Employeeship with focus on quality, innovation and continuous improvements

15:00 Coffee Break

Plenary session 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Case Kone
How to create a quality culture
Tomio Pihkala
, Chief Technology Officer CTO, Kone Ltd.

Defence against the Dark Arts: today’s cypersecurity problem and how to fix it

Livestream with
Edward Snowden, Former intelligence officer who served the CIA, NSA, and DIA

16:45 Thank You Words & Flag Exchange

17:15 Closing the Congress Day, André Noël Chaker, Moderator

We reserve the right to make changes.

Finlandia Hall, Mannerheimintie 13e, 00100 Helsinki


1390 euro

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