IREB CPRE Foundation (3 pv)
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IREB CPRE Foundation (3 pv)


14.-16.12.2020, Etäkoulutus , Etäkoulutus 9 joulukuun, 2020 Sampo Korppoo

Tieto- ja viestintäteknologia

A syllabus-based training provides broad and basic knowledge on Requirements Engineering and helps you to prepare for IREB CPRE Foundation examination (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering).

The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering stands for an elaborated three level certification concept developed by IREB. It addresses to individuals working in Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and Testing, having highest demands on their work.

The focus of the Foundation Level is on acquiring the necessary practical knowledge and learning the basic concepts in Requirements Engineering, with reinforcement through practical exercises. There is no intention of presenting the complete theoretical framework or current and future research activities.

The Foundation Level seeks to convey fundamentals that are equally valid for any domain, e.g. for embedded systems, security systems, classic information systems, etc. In addition, the training can cover the suitability of the presented approaches for the various domains based on their special characteristics. However, it is not a goal to present specific Requirements Engineering for a given domain.

Tar­get Group
Requirements engineers, business analysts, programmers, testers, quality specialists, software architects, project managers

No entry requirements.


Course begins at 10.00 and ends at 18.00.

Int­ro­duc­tion and Foun­da­tions

Sys­tem and Sys­tem Con­text
– System, System Context and Boundaries
– Determining System and Context Boundaries

Requi­re­ments Elici­ta­tion
– Requirements Sources
– Requirements Categorization According to Kano Model
– Elicitation techniques

Requi­re­ments Docu­men­ta­tion
– Document Design
– Documentation Types
– Document Structures
– Use of Requirements Documents
– Quality Criteria for the Requirements Document
– Quality Criteria for Requirements
– Glossary

Docu­men­ta­tion of Requi­re­ments Using Na­tu­ral Lan­gua­ge
– Language Effects
– Requirements Construction Using Templates

Mo­del-ba­sed Docu­men­ta­tion of Requi­re­ments
– The Term ”Model”
– Goal Models
– Use Cases
– Three Perspectives on Requirements
– Requirements Modelling in the Data Perspective
– Requirements Modelling in the Functional Perspective
– Requirements Modelling in the Behavioural Perspective

Requi­re­ments Va­li­da­tion and Ne­go­tia­tion
– Fundamental of Requirements Validation
– Fundamental of Requirements Negotiation
– Quality Aspects for Requirements
– Principles of Requirements Validation
– techniques for Requirements Validation
– Requirements Negotiation

Requi­re­ments Ma­na­ge­ment
– Assigning Attributes to Requirements
– Views on Requirements
– Prioritizing Requirements
– Requirements Traceability
– Versioning of Requirements
– Management of Requirements Changes
– Measurement for Requirements

Tool Sup­port
– Types of Tools
– Introducing Tools
– Evaluating Tools

IREB CPRE Foundation Examination
– This training prepares you for the ”CPRE Foundation” examination.
– CPRE Foundation examination: ca 45 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes (15 minutes extra if examination language is not examinee’s mother tongue), 70% points required to pass
– Examination costs are not included in the course price. If you wish to take the certification exam, book it directly at ISQI.org. The exam can be taken remotely proctored, i.e., you can take the exam from your own computer at the time most convenient to you.



2 600 eur
+ VAT. Examination costs are not included in the course price. If you wish to take the certification exam, book it directly at ISQI.org.

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Alle 14 päivää ennen koulutusta tehdyistä perumisista perimme osallistumismaksusta 50 %. Alle 7 päivää ennen koulutusta tehdyistä perumisista perimme osallistumismaksun täysimääräisenä. Mikäli et saavu koulutukseen, veloitamme koko osallistumismaksun ja mahdolliset jo tilatut testit.
Pidätämme oikeuden muutoksiin kansainvälisten koulutuskumppaniemme koulutuksiin. Näiden koulutusten osalta olemme sinuun yhteydessä ilmoittautumisesi jälkeen.

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