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ISTQB Advanced Certificate for Technical Test Analyst (3 pv)

This advanced level software testing training course provides you an understanding of technical testing issues beyond the ISTQB Foundation level, giving you the knowledge and skills required to become an Advanced Technical Test Analyst – and prepares you to take the ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Certificate exam.

An Advanced Technical Test Analyst can:
– Recognize and classify the typical risks associated with the performance, security, reliability, portability and maintainability of software systems.
– Create test plans that detail the planning, design and execution of tests for mitigating performance, security, reliability, portability and maintainability risks.
– Select and apply appropriate structural design techniques to ensure that tests provide an adequate level of confidence, based on code coverage and design coverage.
– Effectively participate in technical reviews with developers and software architects applying knowledge of typical mistakes made in code and architecture.
– Recognize risks in code and software architecture and create test plan elements to mitigate those risks through dynamic analysis.
– Propose improvements to the security, maintainability and testability of code by applying static analysis.
– Outline the costs and benefits to be expected from introducing particular types of test automation.
– Select appropriate tools to automate technical testing tasks.
– Understand the technical issues and concepts in applying test automation.

This training course is designed to Testers, Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Test Consultants, Software Developers and anyone wishing to gain the ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Certificate. The Advanced Level certificates are also appropriate for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of software testing, such as Project Managers, Quality Managers, Software Development Managers, Business Analysts, IT Directors and Management Consultants.

To take the ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Certificate candidates must hold the ISTQB/ISEB Foundation certificate. In addition course participants are expected to have an understanding of general programming and system architecture concepts.

ISTQB Technical Test Analyst Certificate Examination
– This course provides the knowledge and skills to take the 3-hour multiple choice ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Certificate exam. The (optional) ISTQB certification test is organized around two weeks after the training. The exact time of the test is agreed separately with the participants.
– Examination costs are not included in the course price. An additional 265 eur + vat will be charged for attending the certification examination.

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This training is run by an officially accredited trainer using an officially accredited training material. The training material and test are in English.


Course begins at 9.00 and ends at 16.30. Breakfast is served from 8.15 onwards.

Risk-Ba­sed Tes­ting

This section covers Technical Test Analyst’s Tasks in Risk-Based Testing:

– Risk identification
– Risk assessment
– Risk mitigation

Struc­tu­re-Ba­sed Tes­ting

Structural testing techniques belong to the core competencies of the Technical Test Analyst. This section builds on the Foundation techniques of statement and decision coverage. Technical Test Analysts should understand how to choose appropriate structural test technique(s). The structure-based techniques covered are:

– Condition testing
– Decision/condition testing
– Modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC)
– Path testing
– Multiple condition testing
– API testing

Ana­ly­tical Tech­niques

Technical Test Analysts should understand how to apply static analysis to detect potential security, maintainability and testability defects in code. The planning of dynamic analysis to mitigate risks in code and software architecture is covered.

Qua­li­ty Cha­rac­te­ris­tics for Tech­nical Tes­ting
A Technical Test Analyst should understand how to design high-level test cases for security, performance and reliability quality attributes and to support the Test Manager in creating test strategies to mitigate the identified risks. A Technical Test Analyst should understand how to include coverage of maintainability, portability and resource utilization quality attributes in a testing strategy. This section covers the topics:

– General planning issues
– Security & Reliability testing
– Performance testing
– Resource utilization
– Maintainability testing
– Portability testing


The activities of the Technical Test Analyst focus on using checklists to identify defects in code and architecture. This section focuses on how to effectively use checklist in reviews.

Test Tools and Au­to­ma­tion

This major chapter focuses on the tools and automation issues which are relevant to Technical Test Analysts. Several tools are covered, including those used for web-based testing, for supporting model-based testing, for fault seeding and fault injection, for unit testing and the build process and for performance testing. A Technical Test Analyst should be able to recognize common technical issues that cause high failure rates in automation projects and to appreciate different automation techniques. Specific issues resulting from the use of open-source and custom-built tools are covered.

– Integration and information interchange between tools
– Defining the test automation project
– Specific test tools


Tieturi Oy, Mannerheimintie 15, Helsinki

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/hlö + alv 24 %.

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