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SAFe Agile Software Engineering with ASE Certification (3 pv)

This SAFe course provides you the principles and practices that make up the Agile Software Engineering discipline. Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Agile Software Engineer (ASE).

A Certified SAFe® 4 Agile Software Engineer (ASE) applies Test-First principles to create alignment between tests and requirements, communicates with Agile modeling, creates shared understanding with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), builds applications with code and design quality, and applies Lean-Agile principles to optimize the flow of value.

This SAFe Agile course targets the technical members of an Agile Team – developers and testers.

Product Owners, Scrum Master, Managers, and others with a less technical background would also benefit as they would gain an understanding of the development process so that team collaboration will become more effective.

All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.

However, meeting the following prerequisites will make the training more productive:

– Understanding of SAFe for Teams
– Background in engineering, development, managing development, or quality assurance

Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe 4 Agile Software Engineer (ASE).

Attendees must attend all days of the course in order to be eligible for the exam.

Training material
The training material is in English, training is run in Finnish or English (see flags next to the date). The training is run by using official material provided by Scaled Agile, Inc.

Enabling Technical Agility for the Lean Enterprise
The discipline of software engineering has evolved over the past decades with the introduction of Lean-Agile and DevOps principles and practices. New skills and approaches help organizations deliver software-centric solutions faster, more predictably, and with higher quality. During this three-day, workshop-oriented course, attendees learn the fundamental principles and practices that make up the Agile Software Engineering discipline.

Attendees may be eligible to apply for 8 PDUs toward their continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for PMP.

Benefits of the SAFe Agile training
You’ll learn to

– Define Agile Software Engineering and the underlying values, principles, and practices
– Apply the Test-First principle to create alignment between tests and requirements
– Create shared understanding with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
– Communicate with Agile modeling
– Design from context for testability
– Build applications with code and design quality
– Utilize the test infrastructure for automated testing
– Collaborate on intentional architecture and emergent design
– Apply Lean-Agile Principles to optimize the flow of value
– Create an Agile Software Engineering plan

Goals of SAFe ASE training
– Attendees will learn how continuous flow of value delivery and building quality in are enabled by modern practices including XP technical practices, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD), and Test– Driven Development (TDD).
– Attendees will learn proven practices to detail, model, design, implement, verify, and validate stories in a SAFe Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
– Attendees will know the practices that build quality into code (abstraction, encapsulation, intentional programming) and designs (SOLID, Design patterns).
– Attendees will also understand how Software Engineering fits into the larger solution context and their role in collaborating on intentional architecture and DevOps.


Course days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:30, morning coffee available from 8:30 am onwards.

Content of SAFe Agile Software Engineer training
– Introduction to Agile Software Engineering
– Connecting Principles, and Practices to Built-In Quality
– Accelerating Flow
– Applying Intentional Architecture
– Thinking Test-First
– Discovering Story Details
– Creating a Shared Understanding with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
– Communicating with Models
– Building Systems with Code Quality
– Building Systems with Design Quality
– Implementing with Quality

SAFe ASE exam
– This training prepares you for SAFe 4 Agile Software Engineer certificate
– You take the exam using your own computer any time within 30 days of the training, only internet access is needed.
– Exam cost: First exam attempt is included as part of the course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion.
– Exam Format: Multiple Choice
– Exam Delivery: Web-based; closed book, no outside assistance, timed.
– Exam Access: Candidates can access the exam within the SAFe Community Platform upon completion of the SAFe 4 Agile Software Engineering course.
– Exam Duration: Once the exam begins, candidates have 120 minutes (2.0 hours) to complete the exam
– Number of Questions: 60
– Passing Score: 42 out of 60 (70% passing score)

Training card on SAFe ASE training
Those who pay with Tieturi’s training card will be charged 150 eur + vat. for the material.


Tieturi Oy, Mannerheimintie 15, Helsinki


1 695 euroa
/hlö + alv 24 %.

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